Kevin Brick, OT

Kevin received his bachelor’s in Occupational Therapy in 1978 and an advanced Master’s in Research and Technology in 1992 at State University of New York at Buffalo.  He has extensive clinical expertise in orthopedic and neurological conditions from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Kevin combines various technologies to expedite healing and work with his patients in proper body mechanics and compensatory movement strategies.  His knowledge of acute injuries and chronic pain has developed from comprehensive education and training in soft tissue osteopathic approaches. He is proficient in Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation techniques that serve to compliment physical agent modalities and traditional therapy approaches.  He also has extensive experience in Frequency Specific Microcurrent, a modality which directly affects the cause of pain and dysfunction at a cellular level.

He was the Internship Coordinator and instructor at Eastern Washington University where he assisted in developing curriculum for the Occupational Therapy Department and transitioning from a bachelor’s to a master’s program. During his graduate education, he co-instructed the undergraduate course on the philosophy of effective client care and management.