Core Values

Tesla Injury Rehab and Pain Management is an outpatient clinic which transcends the standard model of physical therapy clinics in the Northwest. Rather than focus on rehabilitating a specific area of the body through exercise, Spokane Rehab & Pain Clinic addresses longstanding issues of pain and chronic illness through exclusive modalities and interventions. Visits to our clinic are highly individualized, comfortable and offer 1:1 treatment for the full session.

Our mission is to treat your acute and chronic pain that other clinics and medical institutions have had limited or unsuccessful results. With more than 40 years as a licensed Occupational Therapist, we have transformed the traditional therapy practices and developed an integrated model which addresses the needs of persons with debilitating chronic pain. Our Therapists will be directly involved in you therapy program as well as initiating purposeful life-style adjustments. We invite you to bring your greatest health challenges so that we may solve them together.

“In a matter of five months I was totally pain free. Ever since then all I’ve wanted to do is help teach people about this therapy—because it absolutely works. I’ve been pain free for eight years”
Diane Booker

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